Month: February 2018

Earn Or Make Online Money in These Rough Financial Times

A myriad of World Wide Web surfers are scouring every nook and cranny of the cyber universe to find ways on how to earn or make online money in these rough financial times; teenagers wanting new electronic gadgets to stay up to date with the trend among peers, university students finding ways to stretch their allowance for a memorable trip with a special someone, young adults who are part of the population of the unemployed, or a housekeeper doing her best to make ends meet because her husband’s salary just is not enough.

To earn or make online money is not far from reach. All a person needs is to be a wee bit computer or technology savvy, have access to cyber space and the time and willingness to earn or make online money.

The Internet universe has provided a range of sources to satisfy one’s creative talent or basic skill and put them into good use for some extra cash. Home based businesses or jobs are increasing rapidly and it is definitely one answer to the growing number of jobless citizens with time in their hands.

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Hard Financial Times

Like many Americans I have financial issues. I know how it is to struggle to make ends meet. Part of my problem is, to coin my own phrase, I “think in a straight line”. That is, if I’m buying used appliances, furniture or the like, I tend to forget that some new items may be priced well and I get warranties with them. When I buy new for a while I forget that there are some worthwhile bargains at yard sales, classifieds, and used item stores. A balanced view of purchases helps.

You’ve also heard all the standard stuff about a budget, writing down all that you purchase and so on. This usually lasts for about a day or two and we don’t follow through. So what can we do. Depending on our family’s size and age of children we could do that balance thing and watch how much we eat out. That’s to say that we will eat out some but it should be balanced with home prepared meals. Another balancing act is cost of food. The more healthy the food the more expensive it usually is. Heavily processed foods are the cheapest and natural or organic foods are usually the most expensive. So a compromise is in order there as well. Try to mix in the healthy things with the less expensive items.

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