Life can be rough. Because our lives revolve around money, we spend the majority of our life working for a paycheck. When we have financial challenges, it affects the rest of our life in many ways. Our relationships are challenged, our work is challenged, and we have an extra burden of weight continually on our shoulders.

We may experience the loss of a job, and if that wasn’t enough, in the same month our refrigerator breaks down and we have the stress of finding a quality Los Angeles appliance repair person. Or we save and save so we can go on a much anticipated vacation, to find that we need to invest several hundred dollars into an unexpected car repair.

The supposed financial tools we have the most easy access to such as credit cards, end up putting us in a worse state than we began. If we want professional advice or help, we need money to pay for it, and the best financial advice is reserved for those who have the most money. Ironically, the people who need the help most cannot get it.

The best solution for scenarios like these is to try and be logical about everything and not let emotion weigh you down. This may sound like a Star Trek answer, but if you logically consider what the worst case scenario would be, it will most likely appear as not that bad. Also, if we focus on the things that are going right, and look at the glass as half full, we can surprise ourselves at how wonderful our situation is.