The problems of debt do not go away easily and it is very unlikely that any difficulties you are suffering with debts will simply disappear without a serious effort from you.

Debts build up reasonably slowly and we tend not to notice the debt growing steadily over the months and years but one day they reach a tipping point and all of a sudden you find yourself being bombarded with demands for payments when you don’t have the money to pay. The debts may build up slowly but the pain arrives quickly and there are no easy debt cures available to help.

It would be wonderful if there was a simple debt cure that could be applied like a band aid to solve all your financial problems but unless you suddenly win the lottery or come into an inheritance that is unlikely to happen. The debts will not simply disappear and your creditors will not just walk away and forget about the money you owe them.

You need to work out a schedule and a plan for repayment. You must establish how much income you have each month and allocate as much as you can towards reducing your debts. Establish what important payments you must make and do everything to ensure they are paid on time. Reduce your unimportant expenses and avoid wasting any money. All your money needs to be directed towards the important expenses and paying down your bills.

Once you have managed to get on top of your repayments and your debts are more manageable you can ease back a little but you would be well advised to maintain a firm grip on your spending and get clear of debt and get control of your finances for good.

Debt is a problem for many of us. We have become a society that expects to have things now but pay later. Unfortunately for us later has now arrived and we must face up to our financial problems and regain control of our own money.